Dear FC Dutchmen Players, Parents, and Staff,


As of 10:00 pm March 12, 2020 FCDP will be suspending all soccer related activities until further notice. 

This includes tournaments, training sessions, league games, and scrimmages. 

As an affiliate member club of EDP/USYS and the National League / US Soccer we are expected to follow the recommendations of these organizations. 


Thank you for your understanding and support as we all deal with this difficult situation.  Please take care of yourself and follow the recommendations of our local healthcare professionals.  The club will continue to update our families periodically over the coming weeks. 

Hosted by FC Dutchmen and

Guilderland United
May 23-24, 2020


Welcome and please Join us for the event


FC Dutchmen Premier Academy Summer Press Release #1:

Family “Sit Down” Now part of Club Program:

This August each player/parent on the Dutchmen U12 - U18 teams will have a brief “sit down” with their coach. The purpose of this is to improve communication between families/players and their coach as well as setting goals for the season. “It is important for our coaches to understand why our players have chosen Dutchmen and what they want out of the season.

“This will allow our coaches to learn a little bit more about their players, what other interests they may have and what families can expect from the season. I think it’s a great way to set a solid foundation of communication between our families and our staff as we kick off the season,” stated Coach Kinnally the club’s Executive Director.

Bridge FC Agreement now a Reality:

This fall the Bridge FC program will be rolled out as an additional opportunity for players who feel they can compete at the top level and wish to do more. Bridge is made up of the top players from FC Dutchmen and NY Elite on the boys side and Nirvana and FC Dutchmen on the girls side. Players selected
for these combined teams will train and participate in tournaments beyond what their current club teams schedule. Look for more information in the next week or to.


FC Dutchmen Premier II Program to Expand:

This past season the FC Dutchmen Premier II teams had great success with their expanded programs which included more training time and travel. To build on that success the club has improved that program once again. Beginning this fall our Premier II teams will have more training opportunities on turf and during the indoor season. These added training sessions should help to continue the great work that is happening within this program.

Summer Camp Information Released:

This week the club has released summer camp information. Make sure you register for either the town, Cross Bar, or Coerver Camps this summer. The summer is key to not only maintaining those skills but improving on what every player learned this past season!



Nirvana North FC, NY Elite and FC DutchmenForm Strategic Partnership

Today, three of leading premier soccer clubs in the Capital District announced a strategic partnership to create a new joint venture called Bridge FC. Bridge FC will operate as an additional entity. A player’s main responsibility will always be to their primary club with Bridge FC acting as an additional opportunity for players wishing to tryout. Over the past months leadership from all three clubs have met several times to share club philosophies and how they could create additional opportunities for their players Bridge FC is a culmination of these discussions.

Bridge FC will be rolled out in the Fall of 2019 . The goal of this partnership is to bring together the top players from three of the most competitive clubs in the area. Players chosen to participate in this program will play in 3 tournaments as well as additional monthly training sessions. Participation in Bridge FC will never replace a player’s responsibility to their primary club, but exists as an additional opportunity beyond their team’s training, tournament and league schedule.


Nirvana North FC is one of the fastest growing and competitive girls’ programs in the Capital District and has a rich history of competing at the highest level. The club is directed by Coach John Quimby. NY Elite has a long history of being one of the top boys’ premier clubs in the area. NYE competes throughout the northeast in some of the top leagues and tournaments. The club is directed by Coach Jon Bain. FC Dutchmen is one of the newest premier clubs in the Capital District and has experienced great success and growth in recent years. The club participates in some of the top tournaments in the northeast. The club is directed by Coach Mike Kinnally.

This year we saw tremendous improvement in the development of our academy players. Part of our program to ensure that this continues is summer camp. Playing pick up or kicking the ball around the yard is not enough to ensure that our players will continue to improve and so they can make our higher-level teams. They need appropriate instruction and camp allows are coaches to cover a variety of topics in a way that our players will enjoy.


July 15th - August 16th

This summer the club is offering numerous camp options. We have a half day, evening, and a full day swim / soccer combination camp. The club would like to see our players attend multiple camps over the summer to make sure our players are ready to play in September. To help with this the club is covering the cost of one week of our summer camps. There are only two dates you can choose from for the free camp. The July 17 5h week (morning 9:00 – 11:30) or the August 5 th week (evening 5:00 – 8:00). Players 6 to 12 can attend only one of these two weeks for free. We hope that the club covering the cost of one week of camp will help our players to attend a second week of camp at some point over the summer. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.  – Cross Bar Camp Staff



Coach Leggiero and the U15 Boys in Scotland!

The FC Dutchmen U15 Boys Team have their first game in Scotland this morning. Coach Leggiero and the boys will play four games on their trip through Scotland and England while training with other club teams and seeing the sights! This opportunity will be available to many of our club teams over the next year or two. Watch your email for updates and trip photos!


Registration for the Spring 2020 soccer season is open. (Closes on April 17th) 

Teams will be offered to players from ages 3years old to 6th grade (players 16-adult, please see the adult page link).  The Spring Season will begin on April 27th and will end on June 14th with regular games for pre-k through 2nd grade and a tournament for grades 3-6.  You will be notified of your team placements the weekend of April 25th.



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