SELECT TEAM: U14 - U17  |  PREMIER TEAM: U13 - U18

This information is designed to give our families an idea of what they can expect for the 2016-2017 season.  All tournament locations and dates will also be released by mid-September. 

Contact Coach Kinnally, the club’s Director of Coaching at kinnallymr@gmail.com with any questions you may have.


SELECT TEAM: U14 - U17  |  PREMIER TEAM: U13 - U18


Program Structure for SELECT U14 - U17:
FC Dutchmen is excited about our Select Program for 2016 – 2017. We have added spring training on turf in order to help our team’s transition to the outdoor season and we continue to train a tremendous amount at Afrim’s Sports during the indoor season – approximately 26 sessions! Teams will continue to play futsal as recommended by U.S. Soccer and our licensed coaches will work with our players in the fall after their high school season ends. Also new to this program, Coach Jorge the club’s Technical Director will hold skill training sessions after the high school season as these players transition to the indoor training season. 

   •  Indoor practices, 2 practices a week on Afrim’s Sports turf Saturday
      and a midweek training –approximately 26 indoor sessions!
   •  Teams will play futsal at Schenectady HS (8 weeks-Jan through March)
   •  Teams practice twice a week outside at DiCaprio Park and play in CDYSL
   •  Fee covers all registration fees, Afrim’s Sports membership fee,

       insurance, park fees and club costs.
   •  Includes coaching fees for our Nationally Licensed Coaches
   •  Goalkeeper Training program during indoor and outdoor seasons.
   •  Players can sign up for extra training during the year if they wish. (fee not included)
   •  The fee also covers all league fees for CDYSL/referee costs for the spring outdoor season.
   •  Practice at DiCaprio Park (November), thenAfrim’s Sports for our indoor training season.
   •  Teams will receive 4/5 practices ( MohonasenHS turf) in spring to prepare for the outdoor season.
   •  All teams will play in the clubs expanded Memorial Day Tournament.
   •  Coach Jorge will offer 4 - 5 skill training sessions in late fall.



Program Structure for SELECT U13 - U18:
FC Dutchmen is excited about the 2016 – 2017 program and the changes that have been made. This season, all teams will be playing in the Eastern Development League as the club has withdrawn from the Thruway League. We continue to rent a tremendous amount indoor turf time at Afrim’s Sports, have agreements for outdoor turf usage with local high schools, and we will continue to play futsal which is recommended by U.S. Soccer. Everything listed below is included in this year’s fee. If you are comparing our program to other clubs in the area, please make sure that you understand what is actually included in their costs. FC Dutchmen Premier offers an outstanding program with nationally licensed coaches and great facilities, all at an incredible value.

   •  Teams beginning training twice a week on the turf at Schenectady HS beginning the end of October. 
      Younger teams will train once a week at DiCaprio Park and once on the turf. 
      Training outside last until early December for a total of about 18 sessions fall/spring!
   •  Indoor training begins in Dec. through March, 2 practices a week on Afrim’s Sports turf. 
      Saturday and a midweek training. Teams have their own field at Afrim’s Sports on Saturday
      and scrimmage the second half of training. For a total of about 26 training sessions!
   •  Teams play futsal at Schenectady HS (8 weeks – Jan. through March)
   •  Teams train twice a week on the turf at Schenectady HS from mid-March - mid April.
   •  Teams practice twice a week at DiCaprio Park.
   •  The club offers weekly Goal Keeper training both outside and indoor.
   •  Teams U13 through U16 will play in EDP and in CDYSL (limited play for most).
   •  Teams U17 through U18 will play in EDP and a local league for U17 and U18.
   •  Teams can host scrimmages in late fall at DiCaprio Park.
   •  All Fees for EDP and CDYSL including referee fees are included in the club costs
   •  Afrim’s Sports membership fee, insurance, club, and registration fees are all included.
   •  The club’s expanded Memorial Day Tournament is included for all teams.
   •  The club offers a college recruitment coordinator who hosts information nights.
   •  The U13 and U14 teams will have 4-5 training sessions this fall with their coach.
   •  All coaching fees are included.